Optimization potentials for all parties involved

Airport operator...

... can close the cost-intensive and inefficient automation gap. Processes are optimized, space is better utilized, and personnel costs are lower. In addition, higher safety requirements can be met with automated loading.


... save on loading costs and can reliably calculate the time for the process: Unloading the luggage of "no-show" passengers is also significantly accelerated.

Baggage handler...

... are noticeably relieved. Manual loading is heavy labor that is not compatible with EU occupational health and safety directives. A baggage loader has a 5-fold increased probability of sustaining serious work injuries.


... can rely on their luggage arriving on time and undamaged.the number of incorrectly loaded pieces of luggage is drastically reduced thanks to AUTOLOADER.

The autoloader stands for the perfect interaction of innovative technologies

Baggage and image recognition

For the exact analysis and classification of the baggage on hand outside and inside the container.

Gripper system

For precise and fast depositing of baggage with minimum size and maximum availability.

Sorting memory

For dynamic optimization of the optimal packing sequence according to the "Tetris" system.

Self-learning software

According to the high requirements of airports and developed for a smooth integration into existing systems.

Overall concept

Closely oriented to the wishes of our customers: flexible, efficient, cost-effective.