Customer benefit

Customer benefit

MAGLETICS creates muscle growth with simultaneous fat loss. The stimulation promotes blood circulation and tightens the tissue. Dr. med. Tobias Sokolowski has already conducted a first study on the effectiveness of his invention, with the results already proving a high customer benefit through rapid weight reduction:

Tobias Sokolowski, MD, conducted a study to prove the effect. The selection of the 29 test persons was not critical. A standard device with a standard coil was used, which, however, was not at the level of the final product to be developed. It was only possible to stimulate the muscles for a short time because the relatively small coil heated up very quickly. After a successful development of the final product, even better results can be expected, because despite the suboptimal test conditions, a significant effect on musculature and weight could be observed after 4 weeks of repetitive stimulation without any side effects.


The effect is strongest in obese and muscular subjects. Slim test persons feel an improvement of the musculature, the weight changes only little. Further test series with an optimized larger coil, which has sufficient cooling, are absolutely necessary in the course of prototype development in order to achieve an optimal efficiency. The areas of application range from muscle building (fitness) to fat reduction (beauty).


These effects are hardly to be found in this combination with a single training device. The main advantages compared to classic training methods (e.g. workout; strength training) are briefly explained below:

  • $ 100
    • Short training intervals approx. 20 minutes
    • No perspiration | clothing does not interfere
    • Low fatigue
    • Passive stimulation
    • No pain stimulus on the skin
  • $ 100
    • Attractive especially when there is a lack of time
    • Low hurdle to overcome
    • No "preparation and follow-up
    • Training in business environment possible
    • Relaxed training
    • Overtraining hardly possible
    • No effort required
    • Hardly overcoming
    • No limitation of stimulation by pain

Despite the shortness of the training intervals, high-frequency isometric stimulation with MAGLETICS achieves significantly better results than alternative training methods with significantly higher and longer training intensity. The results are already clearly visible after a few weeks of daily use.

State of development, legal framework and competitive advantage

The technology has already been fully developed and patented. The next step is prototype construction. The first design drafts have already been created by a renowned industrial designer. The models are tailored to the different requirement profiles. The medical field requires a neutral, functional design. In the fitness sector, users should also be attracted by a modern, distinctive design.

A certification of the device by the TÜV, as well as further certifications relevant for international sales are currently being carried out.