Heatscope Spot

Best performance with reduced light

HEATSCOPE power radiators SPOT with best performance & reduced light offer powerful warmth with clearly restrained light. 2 carbon heating elements in the fast infrared medium wave range generate pleasant, immediately noticeable heat and a light orange ambient light. Due to the fast IR medium wave, the SPOT power heaters are also suitable for use in wind-prone areas, even at installation heights of up to 3 metres, depending on the environment.

Available in 2 colors

white or black
Slatted protective grille

white or titanium coated
Aluminium body

Available in 2 colors

white or black lamella protection grid

white or titanium coated aluminium body

Available models

1600 W

Power: 1600 W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 670 x 184 x 82 mm
Weight: 3,5 kg

2200 W

Power: 2200 W
Dimensions (LxWxH):810 x 184 x 82 mm
Weight: 4 kg

2800 W

Power: 2800 W

Dimensions (LxWxH): 890 x 184 x 82 mm
Weight: 4,5 kg



Lamella protection grid

Energy-efficient double carbon heating elements with satinised surface

Patent pending rear ventilated reflector heating system


Basic version: ON | OFF + 2 manually switchable power levels (100% or 50%)

Plus version: ON | OFF + 3 power levels (100% or 50%) via IR remote control

Incl. accessories for wall and | or ceiling installation


Sichtbares Licht: < 300 Lux

Radiant efficiency: ≥ 94%

Max. Leistung in < 15 Sek.