BF Consulting and HEATSCOPE receive the RED DOT AWARD!

We are very proud that our successful partnership with MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH is beginning to bear fruit. Together, we have developed a new generation of designer infrared heaters, which will be used primarily in the home and catering sector.

The warming radiators have been known since 2013 under the protected HEATSCOPE® private brand and are extremely popular worldwide with everyone who appreciates unique design but at the same time does not want to do without pleasant warmth. BF Consulting was not involved in the development of the first model series, but we were consulted extensively at the beginning of the technical planning for the second generation.

One of the two managing directors of MHS became aware of the BF Group when BF Engineering was named growth champion 2017 in the FOCUS magazine. The local proximity in southern Bavaria encouraged Lars Keussen and Helmut Haimerl to establish contact with BF and so they very quickly sat together at one table.

Through the combination of fresh academic knowledge and comprehensive engineering experience, all the technical finesse of the new radiant heaters could be fully implemented and the desire for a smart and elegant appearance could also be met. Due to the concave curved, strongly darkened SCHOTT® NEXTREMA® industrial ceramic glass on the front side, the emitters emit almost no reddish light to the outside, only the generally invisible infrared radiation penetrates the front to the desired warming effect in the highest possible degree. In addition, the powerful radiators are rainproof and the heat emission can be adjusted in several stages via an external control system. In addition to the clear and unique design by industrial designer Bjørn Blisse, these were the decisive criteria for winning the RedDot Design Award 2018 in the category of heating and air-conditioning technology.

We are very proud that our cooperation and numerous working meetings have been worthwhile, but we are now facing the next challenge.

Requests for the new spotlights are already in full swing. MHS has decided to have this new generation of radiant heaters produced in-house by BF. The son of the management, Dominik Breuer, is taking over responsibility for this and is setting up a production line which is to manufacture the five-digit range of high-quality devices as early as 2019.