BF machines among the best 50 companies in Bavaria!
This award is reward and incentive
at the same time for each individual employee

In an internal speech, Managing Director Thomas Breuer explained the significance of this award and personally thanked each individual employee for their commitment.

It is extremely important, in the course of globalisation, to meet the challenge of taking a leading position on the world market through technical progress, innovation and the professional qualification of each individual employee.

BF Maschinen will continue to focus on innovation, employee qualification, quality management and training in order to remain successful in the market.

In view of the tense economic situation worldwide, it is essential to position oneself today for the future and not to be satisfied with what has been achieved. According to the motto that good times will come again after bad times, BF Maschinen is already acting today and is thus setting the course for a successful future.

If in times like these it is possible to be among the best 50 companies in Bavaria, Mr. Breuer assures, there will be an exciting future for BF Maschinen. In gratitude for this grandiose award, the company management has invited the entire workforce to a company celebration to celebrate its success.